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Things to do in and around Scottburgh

Wild Gorge Swing

The Wild Gorge swing at Oribi Gorge is an awesome experience that leaves you breathless but exhilarated. Situated at the top of Lehrs falls, it is the highest swing in the world. One steps or jumps off the waterfall to swing into the depths of the gorge in a 100m (33 Storeys) arc.

A full body harness is used to allow for a comfortable ride. Fully qualified personnel are on hand to prepare one for this experience.


There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as hanging over a cliff at a dizzy height with nothing but a nylon rope to prevent you from falling! If you want to learn how to abseil down a cliff-face safely and experience the full rush, Durban and KwaZulu-Natal’s North Coast boast some of the best abseiling instructors in South Africa, while a short drive out of Durban will take you to some of the best cliffs for this extreme sport.

Boat Cruises

There is plenty on offer under this listing. You can enjoy a harbour cruise or take to the open seas in a chartered yacht. You can experience sunset from the deck of a boat while someone else does the sailing or you can get a little more hands on and take a few sailing lessons of your own.

Fishing. Deep sea fishing, shore or pier fishing – all options are catered for along the stretch of coast that is KZN. There is also fly fishing and spear fishing at certain spots inland. Fishing is a protected activity so ensure you have the right permits


There are no fewer than 12 world class courses on which to improve your handicap so you will be absolutely spoilt for choice.

Horse Riding

Whether you are an experienced rider or not you can enjoy a ride in a forest or on a beach. There are many facilities that offer outrides to anyone keen on this activity. And what an awesome experience it is to view your surrounds from the top of a horse with the breeze in your hair.

Water Sports

This category includes surfing, body boarding and kite surfing. If you are already a pro there are numerous locations where you can fine tune your skills. If you are a novice there are excellent trainers available to show you the ropes.

4x4 Adventures

What better way to experience some of the best ‘off the beaten track’ areas of KZN than in a 4×4? A rugged vehicle for some rugged terrain – you can hire a 4×4 and take to the mountains and explore beyond what is printed on the cover of most glossy brochures.


This includes road riding and mountain biking. You can bring your own bike or you can hire a bike to experience some awesome views and a great workout. Tar or dirt – it’s your choice.